This SUCKS…new dust vac at i3 Detroit

Always concerned with the safety of the space, i3 Detroit invested in a mammoth, grain silo-esque dust collector for the space.  Negotiated done to 4% of it’s full retail price (used market is awesome), we now have a 15 foot tall, 7 hp dust collector.  This cyclonic beast can provide suction to all of our wood working tools, the neighbors, the neighbors neighbors and most of the rest of Ferndale. 

Stop by and check it out at the Maker Faire After Party (7/30 @ 9p) or tonight at open shop (7/22 @ 7p)

More Pics –

Maker Faire – Next Week 7/30 & 731

Sorry for the lack of posts.  i3 Detroit is on full tilt for Maker Faire next week.  We have nearly 30 projects on display across the faire.  We have people in tents as well as projects inside the Henry Ford, cars racing on the Power Wheels track and demos on the various stages.  At night, we will have the official Maker Faire After Party (9pm at i3 Detroit) with a 15 minute sneak peak of the Hackerspace Documentary: Electromagnate.  It’s going to be huge. 

Come check out our projects and party next week.  For your reading pleasure, here is a link to the official press release –

Red Bull Creation Challenge: Live Blog – Last 24 Hours


Streaming Live video by Ustream

Just over 24 hours are left in the competition and we are starting to wrap up the major aspects of our build in good shape.  We will be adding some extra goodies and doing thorough testing.  Will keep you updated as the final hours pass.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  We can win additional prizes if we win the People’s Choice Award.  This is based on Facebook likes.  Please click here to help.

11:41a – War Room Online.  Posted pictures & video from yesterday.

12:23p – Currently 4th place in the People’s Choice Award.  Please help us by clicking “Like” on this page.

3:51p – We are 15 behind 1st place.  Please help the vote.

7:10p – JCB: Just talked to Nate on the NYC crew. It’s been a rather busy day for them so far. With 16 hours left on the build clock, the team has accomplished a heck of a lot so far today! Starting bright and early this morning, they set down to hacking, not on their creation, but to fix one of the two drill presses in the community workshop that had broken the day before.

After hanging a sign to let everyone know who brought the fix, they turned back to their creation. While it is working and as of the update, the only team driving their creation around, they’ve decided that in true i3Detroit fashion, “just good enough” wasn’t enough. They’ve taken inspiration from “Home Improvement” and added MORE POWER, in the form of an upgraded CO2 tank and accumulator system. There’s also interesting vehicle embellishments afoot, which showcase their prodigious electronics talents. We won’t give them away here, as we don’t want to be spoiling any surprises they have in store for the demo tomorrow, but you can bet they’ll leave the crowd entertained and the judges wowed.

Open Shop Tonight (7/8 @ 7p)

It’s time for another open shop at i3 Detroit.  Bring your half finished projects, pitch in on a group build or just come for a tour.  There is tons to see and do tonight because of our current Red Bull Creation Challenge.  We will be supporting the team in our War Room so come join in the fun.

We will be open at 7p.  See you there.

Red Bull Creation Challenge: Live Blog

11:00a Theme Announcement – Energy In Motion: Must move a person & not use fossil fuels

11:28a Weigh-in Of i3 Detroit Gear: We were approved to bring in 200lbs of equipment.  They are confirming if we didn’t go over our limit.

11:33a Successful weigh-in

12:02p Pictures posted from on-location (Update moved to i3 Detroit Flickr Stream)

12:54p Ustream Live of War Room in Ferndale, MI (update! – moved to i3 Detroit feed)

1:55p Two Videos from NYC posted on the i3 Detroit Youtube Channel – Video 1 Video 2

2:28p Selection from Junk Pile: 2 Rowing Machines and Mongoose Scooter.  (functioning) and some assorted goodies.

2:29p Picking up supplies around the city.  The team has split up.

2:47p Photos moved to i3 Detroit Flickr Stream and new ones added

3:39p Team is still gathering parts.  Stops for electrical parts, Home Depot and Metal

4:32p NYC team is reporting a rain delay.  Details pending… (update: False alarm)

6:00p 7 hours down.  Waiting on the next report from the NYC team.  Here is a look at their living conditions.

6:24p Pictures & a very short video from Rocco who is in NYC